Muscle Palace: Compound Exercises for Strength and Hypertrophy

Friday, November 11, 2016

Compound Exercises for Strength and Hypertrophy

Compound Exercises are Best for Strength and Muscle Size

    Many people that are going to the gym focus to hypertrophy, for those that don't know what muscle hypertrophy is, that is increase in size of skeletal muscle through a grow of its component cells. We can say that muscle hypertrophy is muscle gain, that have the same meaning. And I mostly see questions about muscle gain when I am searching the web but a lot of people don't think about a very important fact:

You need to get more stronger to gain more muscle mass. That works together. If you only lift same amount of weight for one year you won't see some results. That is the rule muscles function. Muscles get very easy adapted to one weight and they can not increase in size if you are lifting that weight all the time. 

But, what you need if you want to lift heavier? You need to GET STRONGER. Period.

Lifting weight from 10 to 12 won't get you very stronger. That means you are lifting weights that is not very heavy for you and that does not increase your strength. You must follow some programs on the web that are created for strength gain or some powerlifter's programs. Yeah, I also imagined powerlifters as fat big guys that are not aesthetic and they eat too much calories, either healthy and junk food. But they are not, some of them are very fit and incredibly strong. 

      Imagine yourself very fit with big lean muscle size and super strong, that is just perfect. You can look good, be healthy and when some girl want you to help her with something heavy you will not be afraid to be laughed at. Some bodybuilders are not strong you must know that, they are just big and pumped but where the strength is? I don't want to mention Steroid users, I don't believe those guys are even worth mentioning. They are not athletes, they are just balloons with tons of muscle but with little effort and some testosterone injections that will bring them nothing than heart attack and erection dysfunctionallity. You don't want that, so don't even think about that.

It is better to be skinny athlete with not so much muscle size and definition but looking fit and normal than looking big and heavy but unhealthy, unaesthetic and on steroids. 

My point is, try some training programs for strength gain for one to two month then go again to train for hypertrophy, you will feel stronger and you will get more muscle size. To achieve that you must do generally only COMPOUND EXERCISES and do them in all workout days with only one or two isolation exercises if you like. 

I will share a video about a strength training from Elliot Hulse, Strength Camp channel. Follow this guy, he can help you a lot if you are beginner and looking for muscle and strength gains. I recommend him very much because he helped me to get a lot of gains for a short period of time with mostly compound exercises.

Feel free to ask or say anything in the comments. Don't forget to GO HARD in the Gym.

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