Muscle Palace: Workout and Diet Program for Mass Gain

Friday, December 09, 2016

Workout and Diet Program for Mass Gain


There are many programs that are good for muscle hypertrophy (muscle mass growth), and in order to find most suitable for you try out some of those programs and when you see that one workout program give you good results then keep up with it for some time. 

Beside Training Programs you also must fix your Diet Plan that means that you have to make your own meal plan for muscle mass to fuel your muscles to grow. To make your muscles to grow you must consume all macro nutrients and to consume more calories than you burn, especially on training days when you have to consume a lot of protein to repair your muscles and make them grow and also a lot of carbs and good fats for energy.

You can choose from Split Body Workout Routines and Full Body Workout Routines. If you choose the first one then you will have to train at least four days a week, it would look like this:

Monday - Chest and Triceps
Tuesday - Back and Biceps
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - Shoulders, Traps
Friday - Legs, Calves

This is one of usual workout programs and it is good for muscle hypertrophy but you can choose from variety of many other training programs for mass gain. 

Try Full Body Workout Program like this one:

       Bench Press
       Bent-Over Row
       Chin Ups

       Dead Lift
       Incline Bench Press
       Military Press
       Pull Ups
       Narrow-Grip Bench Press

    Friday same as Monday, others days are rest days. 

Try out this Full Body Workout Program to increase muscle mass and strength. Exercises in this Workout Program are all Compound Moves and they are good mass builders. If you fuel your body with enough healthy calories your muscles will grow. Reps and sets range should be 8 - 10 reps for 4 sets.

Also try out StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Routine which you can find on:

This Workout Program is great for beginners to become more stronger and it is good muscle building program. 5x5 Workout Program was first popularized by Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger's idol and his program gave many bodybuilders great results.

Now, lets make great Meal Plan for Muscle Mass Gain:

Breakfast: Oat Meal with Milk, 3 Whole Eggs
Snack: Slice of brown bread and peanut butter
Lunch: Chicken and Rice
Post Workout Shake, Whey protein mixed with Carbs
Snack: Pasta with Red Meat
Dinner: Chicken and Rice

With these meals you can gain at least 2 pounds of lean muscle mass for one week. Aim to have about 35 - 40 grams of protein per big meal and about 20 for snacks. Post Workout Shakes should be caloric and full of protein. Find some Post Workout Shakes for Mass here:

Homemade Mass Gainers - Gain Muscle Mass Fast



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  2. When you see that one workout program give you good results then keep up with it for some time.

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