Muscle Palace: 5 Best Muscle-Building Exercises

Sunday, January 08, 2017

5 Best Muscle-Building Exercises


How can we say that some exercises are better for muscle building than others? Well, best exercises to build mass are compound exercises that require more than one muscle group. Compound Exercises are better muscle mass builders than Isolation Exercises. If you want to gain muscle mass you should focus on compound exercises mostly and with small number of isolation exercises in your training routine.


Squat is a King of Mass Building Exercises. If you want to become big and strong you must lift a barbell with a lot of weights on your shoulders and do squats. Squat is the best exercises for building lower body muscles and one the best exercises for strength. Legs are half of our body and to build bigger legs you have to squat heavy. Beware of bad form, start with lifting a easier weight until you learn to do squats with a good form, then start adding weight.


This is one of the most famous gym exercises and it is famous for building big chests, but Bench Press is also building your Deltoids, Triceps, and Traps. Bench Press is an ultimate exercise for building upper body muscles, there is no better exercises for upper body strength and size. Practice Bench Press form and lift heavy and you will build an awesome torso.


Pull Up with all of its variations is one of the best exercises for mass. Barbell Squat and Bench Press are performed with barbell and weights and for Pull Up you only need a bar on which you can hang on, but if regular pull ups become easy for you then add weights on your belt or between your legs. Do Pull Ups and Chin Ups, they are both great exercises but Chin Ups are little better for building biceps than regular Pull Ups.


You can perform Military Press by standing and raising a barbell above you or you can perform it by sitting on a bench. Performing this exercises is simple, hold a barbell little wider than your shoulder width with a pronated grip (palms facing forward) and lift the bar over your head by locking your arms.


Fifth exercises that I consider one of the best muscle building exercises is Dead Lift and it is my least favorite exercises among these five. Why is that? Because muscles that you are working with dead lifts you can also work by doing barbell squats. But it is least favorite for me and that doesn't means that I am not doing it and that you should not doing it. Dead Lift is also a great mass building exercises, so learn how to do it with a perfect form and add it in your workout routine.

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  1. You have provided useful, straightforward tips for building muscles. I think I will begin by trying out the PULL UP/CHIN UP option.

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