Muscle Palace: Mark Wahlberg's Workout for Big Arms

Monday, January 02, 2017

Mark Wahlberg's Workout for Big Arms


Exercises from Mark Wahlberg's Workout Plan

mark wahlberg workout

Yes those are two big guys Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne The Rock Johnson and their photos from movie "Pain and Gain". I guess that all bodybuilding fans knows about these two guys and their amazing physique. And also, this is the first time that I noticed that Mark's Triceps and Biceps looks bigger that The Rock's, and I watched the movie more than three times probably. 

Also, one of the differences between these two big-sized guys is that I guess that only steroid user is The Rock, I am not sure but I read about that a lot of times on the internet before, though I never heard that Mark Wahlberg used anabolic steroids. So, what exercises this naturally big guy used in his Workout Routine to build those big guns? That is really simple, he used exercises that many bodybuilders with a great physique did and whose big arms are famous in the whole world.

The number of Sets and Reps? He used 10 reps in 1st set then he would add more weight and did 8 reps in 2nd set and in his last, 3rd set, he put more weight on dumbbells or barbell and did 6 reps. That was his favorite routine for big arms. 


Biceps Curl
Overhead Triceps Extension
Incline Bench Biceps Curls
Triceps Dips
Bench Press with Close Grip
Hammer Curls
Seated Preacher Curls

I don't know about you but I tried this Mark Wahlberg's routine and I will perform it many times again. He is an amazing actor and he is famous for his great physique and I will post more about his training routines and diet plans.

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