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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Workout for Bigger Chest

exercises for bigger chest

Building a big chest is a dream for many guys in the gym, it seems easier to build big triceps, biceps, shoulders and back muscles than a big chest. But, do you think that it is all about their genetics or their choice of exercises? I can assure that everyone can build a big chest with the right choice of exercises and of course, good diet plan. Before I start with a list of best exercises for larger chest, I want to recommend you to read my post about diet tips for lean muscle mass because it is not all about your workout, it is probably more in your choice of foods and your diet plan.

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Now, I will make a list of 5 best exercises for bigger and thicker chest muscles:

1.   Barbell Bench Press

It all starts with a Bench Press because this is a king of all chest exercises and one of the best exercises for mass. Be sure that you perform it with a proper form and that you lift heavy enough to gain mass with rep range from 8 – 12. Lower than 8 reps will do more for your strength than muscle size and more than 12 reps won’t give you any muscle gains. Pick a right weight to add it on a bar and start building those chest muscles.

bench press

2.   Incline Dumbbell/Barbell Press

This exercise is great for upper chest and good for widening your chest. Make sure that you squeeze your chest on the top of the movement and to feel that pump.

dumbbell flyes

3.   Dumbbell Flyes

Flat or incline, both variations are good for chest size. Arnold Schwarzenegger swears that this exercise is the reason for his amazing chest width.

4.   Decline Bench Press or Dips (Chest Version)

Both exercises are very good for lower chest and you need to perform them along with those three exercises that I already listed for a good looking, thick and big chests.

5.   Push Ups

Old-fashioned exercises, when gyms didn’t even existed. What you think that soldiers from Old Greece, like Spartans, had all those gym machines and equipment? No, but they knew that pushing yourself from a floor is great for strength and muscle gains. I love doing my push ups after these four exercises to improve the pump of my chest and it is good for chest thickness.

push up

And that is all that you need, these five exercises. Of course, add some variations from time to time, don’t end up doing only these 5 exercises on every Chest Day. But those 5 are the best for bigger chest.

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