Muscle Palace: Top 5 Muscle-Building Triceps Exercises

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Top 5 Muscle-Building Triceps Exercises

Every lifter wants to have bigger arms. That is one hundred percent sure and that is probably the biggest reason many guys started lifting weights. 


They are making many mistakes like training their arms too often and doing many useless exercises that they saw in modern bodybuilding magazines. Many novice lifters avoid big compound lifts and bodyweight exercises like chin ups and dips, that is a big loss for those that want to build muscle.

There is also a group of lifters who focus too much on their biceps and when they succeed to get that big biceps peak their arms still look small. Triceps is three-headed muscle and it is bigger than biceps. Big triceps is more important for that big arms look than biceps, but the best option is to train all arms muscles equally.

You won't build bigger triceps if you lose your time by making poor exercises choice. Isolation and cable exercises will not make your triceps to grow. To build any muscle you have to do more free weight movements.

It is not only the choice of exercises that you make, you also need to follow a muscle-building diet plan. Without consuming enough calories and macronutrients your muscles won't grow. 

You don't need to do three or more triceps workouts for a week, doing that will only overtrain your triceps. One heavy triceps workout per one week will build your triceps. Triceps is already involved in all pushing movements, you need only one workout per week to directly train your triceps. 

1. Close-Grip Bench Press

Mass Building Triceps Exercises

This is the best mass-building triceps exercise. That is because compound (multi-joint) exercises are the best for muscle growth. This exercise will target all three heads of your triceps.

2. Skull Crusher

Exercises for Bigger Triceps

This exercise is also known as lying triceps extension. Skull Crusher exercise mostly work long and medial triceps head and it is very good for building bigger triceps. 

3. Weighted Dips

Performing weighted dips on the parallel bar is better than weighted bench dips for building bigger triceps. But both exercises are great. When performing parallel-bar dips be sure not to lean forward, so you won't activate chest more than triceps, and keep elbows tight to sides.

4. Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press

Exercises for Bigger Triceps

When performing overhead triceps presses, standing or seated, with dumbbell or barbell, it works the long head of your triceps. This exercise allows you to safely press heavy weight and make your triceps grow.

5. One-Arm Dumbell Triceps Extension

Mass Building Triceps Exercises

build bigger triceps fastYou can perform this exercise from seating or standing position. It is a great isolation exercise to finish your triceps workout. 


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