Muscle Palace: How to Get Bigger Biceps Fast - Tips and Exercises

Sunday, September 17, 2017

How to Get Bigger Biceps Fast - Tips and Exercises

How to Build a Bigger Biceps

Biceps brachii mostly referred only as Biceps, is a two-headed muscle that is placed between shoulder and elbow. Every exercise that involves some sort of a curl has an effect on a biceps. More precisely, every exercise that involves any sort of pulling will hit your biceps.

If you want to know how to get bigger biceps you must learn some tips and exercises that promote bigger and stronger biceps.

TIP 1: Focus on slowing down the negative portion of the movement

This is probably the best training tip for you to build bigger biceps. You need to start focusing on the negative of every rep of curls you perform. The negative portion of biceps curl is the part where you lower the bar (or dumbbells) back down from the top of the curl to your thighs. 

Many lifters ignore this simple tips and that is a huge mistake. They allow the weight to drop too much quickly instead to slow down to fully hit their biceps. You should lower the barbell or dumbbells down slowly and it should take 3 to 4 seconds. Believe me, if you never tried it, you will see a difference in your biceps training. Your curls will be harder and you will probably have to lower the weight until you get used to this change.  

TIP 2:   Don't train your biceps every day

You might think that training your biceps every day will get you a bigger biceps fast, but that is wrong because your muscles actually get stronger and bigger during the resting period between the workouts. You shouldn't train your biceps more than twice a week if you want better results.

This rule applies to all muscle groups, not only to biceps. Training the same muscle too much, without letting your muscle to fully rest and recover, will only lead to muscle overtraining. 

TIP 3: Use the right form

I guess that I don't need to explain so much why this rule is so important for muscle building. Lifting too much weight without a proper form can get your biceps injured or slower your muscle growth. 

It is totally true that you need to lift heavy to build stronger and bigger muscles but that means that you still have to use the right form while doing it. Start with a lighter weight and build up your strength. Try not to use the momentum to lift weights and use controlled movements. 

Build Bigger Biceps

EXERCISE 1: Chin-ups

Performing chin-ups is an excellent way to increase the size of your biceps. Grip a bar with your hands placed shoulder-width apart and your palms facing your head then lift your body up until your chin is higher than the bar.

Hint: Try pausing for five seconds when you pull yourself on the bar then slowly lower your body back.

EXERCISE 2: Barbell/Dumbbell Biceps Curls 

Barbell Curls will allow you to overload your biceps with more weights than you can with dumbbells. Hold a barbell/dumbbells and in slowly and controlled manner lift it up to your chest and slowly return it back to starting position with your arms fully extended for a better stretch of your biceps. 

EXERCISE 3: Incline Dumbbell Curls

This exercise is a very good biceps builder because it allows you to achieve a full range of motion while getting a maximal stretch at the bottom of the movement. 

Get Bigger Biceps Fast

EXERCISE 4: Concentration Curls

Grab a dumbbell, sit on a workout chair and put your elbow on the inside of your knee with arm fully extended. Lift a dumbbell up to your chest while keeping the elbow in the same place. 

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