Muscle Palace: How to Increase Your Bench Press - Build a Bigger Chest Fast

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How to Increase Your Bench Press - Build a Bigger Chest Fast

Increase Bench Press

Nobody can't deny that Bench Press is the king of all upper-body exercises and it is the best chest exercise for mass including all its variations (incline bench press, decline bench press, flat bench press). The best way to build a bigger chest is to increase and improve your bench press.

Of course, it is very important to lift heavy in order to build muscle mass but it isn't as helpful if you perform the exercise with the bad form. Bench press, as one of the hardest compound movements, can be very dangerous and if you perform it with bad form can lead to injury. 

Improve your bench press form

Proper bench press form is very important for building your chest and also because it prevents injuries. By preventing injuries you will be able to increase your bench press power faster and develop your chest.

Here are some of the most important tips you should know to improve your bench press form:

- Tuck your elbows in at the bottom of the movement to decrease the shoulder rotation and stress from the shoulder joint. Many lifters are ruining their shoulders with one big mistake that they make - flaring their elbows out while pushing the barbell off their chest.

- Using medium, slightly wider than shoulder-width grip is the best way to protect your shoulders. You may also include some wider and narrower grip work, but make sure that majority of your bench pressing is done with a medium grip.

- Keep your shoulders back on the bench and drive yourself into the bench while pressing. You don't have to touch your chest with the bar if the barbell is going to get below 90 degrees because you will move stress from your chest to shoulders which can cause injury.

Check out this YouTube video and learn how to improve your bench press form:

Perform Bench Press more often

If you do like many other lifters and bench press only on Monday, switch from bench pressing once a week to twice a week. By increasing your bench press frequency you will practice this movement more. This will also improve your bench press form and increase your strength.

If you want to get better in something you have to do it more often, so bench pressing with more frequency will get you better results.

Lift Heavier

You can't increase your bench press if you lift the same weight week after week. Lifting the same weight every time will not increase your bench press and will not give your chest a reason to grow. So, to build stronger and bigger pecs try to add 5lb (or less) in every other workout. Try to add more weight whenever you are able to, even if it is only 2lb it doesn't matter. What is important is the progress you make.

Also, check out some basic principles of muscle building to learn how to build muscle mass fast:

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