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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Foods to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally - Gain More Strength and Muscle Mass

Testosterone-Boosting Foods

Let's start this topic by mentioning that steroids are very bad. Why? They are bad for the heart, can cause erectile dysfunction and muscles vanish after stop using them. I think that those reasons are sufficient for all reader to don't use steroids never in their life. 

Are there natural boosters of testosterone? Yes, there are. You can naturally increase your testosterone levels by strength training and your diet plan that consist of testosterone-boosting foods.

There is another article where I wrote about training that boosts testosterone levels naturally:

Boosting testosterone levels with food is possible. You heard the phrase "You are what you eat"? Well, that also matters when it comes to natural testosterone production. Eating sugars and junk foods will not only make you fat, it will also reduce your levels of testosterone. 

What are signs of a high level of testosterone in male persons:

- Stimulation of hair growth (chest, pubic area, face)
- Deeper voice
- Increased skin thickness
- Increased libido (sex drive)
- Increased muscle protein synthesis which causes increase of lean muscle mass
- Decreased body fat
- More energy and strength

Those facts are describing the alpha male, doesn't them? When you look at all those reasons why you should increase your testosterone levels I guess that it is worth it. 

Best Testosterone-Boosting Foods:

Egg Yolks

Foods that Boost Testosterone Levels
Egg Yolks are rich in vitamin D which is linked with the production of testosterone. Many studies showed that cholesterol in egg yolks helps low T levels.

Low-Fat Milk

We know that milk is a great source of protein and calcium but drinking milk with vitamin D can also increase testosterone levels naturally. 


Tuna is very healthy for our heart and it is also rich in protein and very low in calories. Besides tuna, salmon and sardine are also good testosterone-boosting foods. 


Shrimps are very rich vitamin D and consuming them results in boosting testosterone levels and more strength and lean muscle mass. 


Another vitamin that is linked with testosterone production is zinc. Red meat is not recommended to be eaten very much because it is linked to cancer and it is very high in fat, but lean beef consists of many nutrients that can boost testosterone levels and it also very rich in protein, zinc, and vitamin D. Choose only lean cuts of red meat and don't eat it every day. 


Nuts are generally considered as very healthy. Nuts are rich in amino acids, protein, and good fats. Omega-3 fatty acids in nuts support boosting testosterone levels. 

Vegetables and Fruits that boost testosterone levels:

- Garlic
- Grapes
- Cabbage 
- Pumpkin Seeds
- Coconut
- Strawberries
- Beans 
- Asparagus
- Broccoli

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Increase Your Testosterone Level Naturally (Steroid-Free)



foods to boost testosterone level

Do you want to know how to raise your Testosterone Levels naturally, without any anabolic steroid and to have longer and healthier effect?

You probably know that using Steroids is very dangerous and I really don't recommend it to anyone. You can search on YouTube for many Steroid users that regret consuming it. It very dangerous for the heart and for many other things. When you start using Steroids for a long time your stop producing your own testosterone hormone. 

But, there are ways that you can raise your testosterone level that is much healthier and it is recommended. You can improve many things by raising your testosterone level like for example your mood and your strength and of course, you will gain more lean muscle mass. So, let's start with a list of thing that you can do to boost testosterone:

  1. Use compound movements in your training routine
   2. Consume more Zinc and Vitamin D
  3. Eat more Fats
  4. Have a quality rest

You should focus more on multi-join exercises like Squats, Bench Presses, and Military Presses to increase testosterone. Isolation exercises and exercises with high rep range are not boosting your testosterone level. You should aim for lower rap range like in Strength Training Programs. It is logical, what is looking more manly for you: a man who is lifting something very big and heavy or a man who is lifting something very easy a lot of times. So, train with compound exercises, heavy weights, and fewer reps.

You should not avoid fats in your diet. Eat more red meat and whole eggs and also a lot of nuts, they all contain a lot of healthy fats and fats are very good for testosterone raise. Other great foods that increase testosterone are coconut oil, dark chocolate, and cheese.

Those other two rules are obviously very clear, consume more Zinc and Vitamin D and have a good sleep at night.

Also, try to make love often (that is probably understandable) and avoid stress. Stress is increasing cortisol hormones and lowering your testosterone level. That will be bad for your health and your muscles.