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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Workout for Strength and Size - Gain Strength and Muscle Mass with one Workout Routine

Workout Routine for Mass

Alright, we all know that best rep range for building muscle is from 8 to 12 and that is range is usually used in bodybuilders' routines. We also know that working out with 1 - 5 rep range is common for powerlifters for strength gain. 

But can strength and muscle mass be built at the same time?

Actually, strength and size are highly related to each other and one of the best ways to keep gaining both of them each week is to unite strength and hypertrophy training.

Three big lifts, deadlift, squat, and bench press are the probably the best exercises to build muscle and also strength with lower rep range. Those three exercises are very important but you are going to need some isolation exercises to train some of the smaller muscles directly.

The best way to increase muscle mass and strength is to start with multi-joint movements like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses in a powerlifting rep range and then continue training with higher rep range to aim for muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle Palace Strength and Size Workout Routine:

MONDAY - Legs and Calves

Mass Building Workout

TUESDAY - Chest and Triceps

Workout for Strength and Muscle Mass

THURSDAY - Back and Biceps

Mass-Building Workout Routine

FRIDAY - Shoulders and Traps

build muscle mass

To gain lean muscle mass you need to be in caloric surplus, constantly. Consume proteins, carbs, and fats to feed your muscles and follow this workout routine for at least 8 weeks for to gain more strength and muscle mass.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Secret of UFC Fighters for Building Muscle Mass Fast

Gain Muscle Mass like UFC Fighter

We know that training routine of UFC fighters consists of a lot of cardio and most of them look shredded. But, how do they succeed to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle for one month when they want to move up a weight class? Is it possible to gain that amount of lean muscle mass for that time?

Well, it is possible. No matter that many people say that is physiologically impossible to gain more than one pound of lean muscle per week. And of course, absolutely without using steroids.

Dr. John Berardi, Georges St-Pierre's nutritional coach tried that experiment on one UFC fighters and he gained 20 pounds of muscle for 28 days. The experiment started with the guy that had 169 pounds and after one month he weighed in at 190 pounds.

More information about this experiment you can find on the blog of author Tim Ferris:  How To Gain 20 Pounds In 28 Days: The Extreme Muscle Building Secrets of UFC Fighter

Most important things for building muscle mass are diet and training routine. Check out what training routine and diet plan were used for this experiment:

MONDAY - Upper Body Strength

Bench Press - 5 sets x 5 reps (5 RM - rep maximum)
Weighted Chin Up - 4 sets x 6 reps with 6 RM
Weighted Dips - 4 sets x 8 reps with 8 RM
Overhead Press - 4 sets x 10 reps with 10 RM
Barbell Curls - 4 sets x 10 reps with 10 RM
Weighted Crunches - 3 sets x 8 reps

TUESDAY - Hurricane Sprints

Round 1:

Sprint on treadmill at 10 mph for 25 seconds
1 set x 20 crunches
1 set x 20 table-top crunches

Repeat 3 times from the beginning and rest 2 minutes before Round 2.

Round 2:

Sprint on treadmill at 11mph for 25 seconds
1 set x 20 knee-grab crunches

Repeat 3 times then rest 2 minutes.

Round 3:

Sprint on treadmill at 12mph for 20 seconds
1 set x 20 bicycle crunches

Repeat 3 times this round too.


THURSDAY - Hurricane Energy Circuit 

Rope Swings

10 double rope swings
10 alternating rope swings
10 rotations

Kettlebell Swings

10 reps with both hands
10 reps for each hand

Medicine Ball Slams

Sledge Hammer Swings


FRIDAY - Upper Body Hypertrophy

Close Grip Bench Press - 4 sets x 8 reps
Cable High Pull - 4 sets x 10 reps
Triceps Pushdown - 4 sets x 15 reps
Cable Rows - 4 sets x 8 reps
Dumbbell Curls - 3 sets x 8 reps each arm
Half-kneeling Chops - 3 sets x 5 reps

SATURDAY - Lower Body Strength

45 Degree Back Raise

1 set x 10 reps with bodyweight
1 set x 8 reps with 25 pounds
1 set x 8 reps with 45 pounds
1 set x 8 reps with 70 pounds

Barbell Squat 

3-4 Warmup Sets
5 sets x 8 reps (8 RM)


3-4 Warmup Sets
5 sets x 8 reps (8 RM)


The sample of diet plan that fighter followed for gaining 20 pounds of lean muscle:


Breakfast pudding

Blend these ingredients:

2 frozen bananas
1/4 cup of almond milk
3 scoops casein protein powder
2 squares high cacao chocolate 

Side dish

4 pieces of whole grain bread
2 tbsp of peanut butter
2 tbsp of jam
1 tbsp of creatine in coffee or green tea


500 ml water
10 grams of BCAA's


1.5lb any type of lean meat
3 cups of vegetables
2 large sweet potatoes
1 tbsp of Udo's 3.6.9 oil

Anytime meal

1lb of any type of lean meat
3 cups of vegetables
1/2 cup of sauerkraut
2 servings of fruit 
1 tbsp of fish oil

This diet plan provides a lot of healthy calories that are needed to feed muscles to grow. 

I know that a lot of you that are reading this would probably be very skeptical and write comments like this is not possible, researchers have shown that one can't build such amount of lean muscle mass for that time and other comments like that. Before you do so, I must say that this was what Dr. John Berardi claim that is possible and proven so you can check out one of his comments about this experiment:

Dr. John Berardi, Georges St-Pierre's nutritional coach:

In the end, I know some people will be skeptical about these experiments, not knowing us. But we’re trustworthy guys and have documented everything in painstaking detail in our free online book "Bigger Smaller Bigger"

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Bodybuilding Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

Arnold Blueprint to Mass

All bodybuilding fans know who is the most famous bodybuilding legend - Arnold Schwarzenegger. We all know that he is very famous as a bodybuilder, actor, and of course - governor. 

Arnold started lifting at the age of 15 and he won the first Mr. Universe title when he was 20. After that, he won 7 Mr. Olympia titles. Those are some well-known facts, but did you ever thought about how did he build such a muscular and defined physique? 

If you are interested in Arnold Schwarzenegger's tips for building a lot of muscle mass continue reading this article.

1. Arnold's Training Tips for Muscle Building

The Austrian Oak knew that it is not everything in training hard, he knew that he also need to train smart. One of his main tips for building muscle mass is: "To get big, you have to get strong."

In order to build his muscles, Arnold focused on multi-joint movements (compound exercises) more than on isolation exercises.

Arnold Blueprint to Mass

If you want to know which compound exercises are best for muscle building then check out another article:

To get stronger and build muscle mass fast, compound exercises must be a foundation of your training plan.

2. Heavy weights and low number of reps

That is a key to building muscle mass and he knew it better than Arnold Schwarzenneger. Best rep range for muscle growth is from 8 to 12. To ensure muscle growth Arnold recommends starting with a few warm-ups and then pyramid the weight up from one set to next while decreasing the number of reps and going to failure. Arnold never performed a workout with less than 6 reps and more than 12 reps. 

3. Experiment with training routines

Never let your muscles to get used to the same workout routine. One of the best ways to make your muscles to grow is to shock them, confuse them. Don't let your muscles know what is coming next. 

Arnold was often switching his workout routines if he found that his routine is no longer producing muscle gains. Doing the same routine over and over without any significant changes will stop making results and your muscles will get comfortable with that workout routine, which means they won't grow anymore. 

4. Don't overtrain your muscles

This principle is very important for building muscle mass. You need to let your muscles to rest and recover after hard training sessions. Arnold said that too much can be as bad as too little in bodybuilding training. 

Overtraining one muscle can lead that muscle to lag behind other muscles. Don't overtrain your muscles, give them a chance to rest and grow. Remember, muscles don't grow in a gym, they grow while we rest.

5. Fuel your muscles with a lot of protein

In the time when he was competing, Arnold consumed a lot of protein. He knew that the most important macronutrient for muscle hypertrophy is protein. He used to say that for one pound of a body it is enough to consume one gram of protein.

Arnie used to split his 250 grams of protein into five meals a day. 

Here is an example of one of Arnold's meals:

3-4 whole eggs
2 pieces of bacon
2 pieces of Ezekiel bread

This was often his breakfast and after two to three hours he was ready to eat more. He was also a fan of protein shakes as part of his meals.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Mass-Building Shoulder Workout - Exercises for Bigger Shoulders

Workout for Bigger Shoulders

When it comes to building muscular and good-looking physique then one of the most important things is to build big and broad shoulders. Main elements of V-taper are boulder shoulders, wide lats, and a small waist. That means that you can build a well-balanced figure without developing your shoulders.

How to build a big set of shoulders? Choose the right workout and also consume enough healthy calories to make them grow. Also, try to avoid the mistake that many lifters make and don't only focus on the middle head of deltoid. The shoulder is three-headed muscle and it consists of anterior, middle, and rear heads of the muscle. Every head is important, don't neglect any of them.


It is very important to follow the progressive overload, so don't just lift the same weight on every shoulders day, you need to force your shoulder muscles to grow so add more weight, or add more reps. But don't go over 12 reps, that won't help you in building muscle mass. Stay between 8 - 12 reps, which is the best rep range for muscle hypertrophy.

Another way to force your shoulders to grow is to mix your workouts every time. Don't let your muscles to adapt to the same exercises and weights over and over. Make some changes from time to time, shock your muscles. Make your shoulders don't know what is coming.


1. Barbell Military Press

workout for bigger shoulders
Seated Military Press

You can perform barbell military presses by standing or seating on a bench. This is the best exercise for building big shoulders. It targets all three heads of shoulders.

How to perform it: Grab a barbell and push it upwards then slowly bring the barbell down while inhaling. Keep your back straight through the process.

2. Side Lateral Raise

workout for bigger shoulders
Standing Side Lateral Raise

One of the best exercises for widening your shoulders. Try not to use momentum and swing the weights, focus on a good form while performing lateral raises.

How to perform it: Hold dumbbells in each hand at the side of your body and lift them up while slightly arching your back. Return dumbbells to the starting position and that is the first rep. 

3. Arnold Dumbbell Press

arnold press

The king of the bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger himself invented and popularized this exercise. You can guess how good is it by looking at his shoulders

How to perform it: Similar to classic dumbbell press but with one difference. You are starting the exercise with dumbbells in each hand and your palms facing your head and then lift dumbbells up while rotating palms of your hands until they are facing forward. Repeat the process for as many reps you want.

4. EZ Barbell Upright Row

workout for bigger shoulders

One of the exercises that work more than one muscle joint. Great for targeting the middle delts. Upright rows are mostly performed with EZ barbell, but you can perform them with straight barbell or dumbbells too. 

How to perform it: Hold a barbell with an overhand grip that is slightly less than shoulder width and hold your back straight. Exhale and use the sides of your shoulders to lift the bar up, raising your elbows up and to the side. Pause for a second and return the barbell to a starting position. 

5. Rear Lateral Raises

Let's not forget about rear shoulders which are very important for a well-developed physique. Rear Lateral Raises are probably the best exercise for rear shoulders development. 

How to perform it: Similar to side lateral raises but this time starting in a bent over position.

Try not to neglect any of the three shoulder heads, especially the rear shoulders which are very important for muscle balance. Neglecting rear delts can get you muscles imbalance and shoulders instability. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Best Exercises to Build Muscle Mass Fast

muscle building exercises


- Focus on progressive overload

- Consume enough calories to support muscle growth

- Quality rest

- Consume all three macro-nutrients (Proteins, Carbs, Fats)

- Perform compound exercises

More tips on how to gain muscle mass fast you can read in other articles:

The Bodybuilding Guide to Build Muscle Mass Fast

Old-School Bodybuilding Tips by Joe Weider - Build Muscle Mass Fast

Best exercises to become bigger and stronger are compound movements that involve more than one muscle group at the same time. With compound exercises, you can build muscle mass fast, lose fat and increase your strength faster than using isolation exercises. 

Check out the list of compound exercises that are best for building muscle:

1. Squat

It is the best muscle building exercise because:

  -  The entire musculature is activated

 - Performing squat highly boost muscle building hormones

Even the squat is very dangerous exercise, especially if it is done with bad form and too much weight, there is nothing like putting a heavy weight on your back and going down as low as you can, then coming back up and doing it again and again while you are naturally boosting testosterone levels and engage many muscle groups. Even those that you didn't hear of before. 

The squat is definitely the best muscle builder ever. 

2. Bench Press

This is one of the most famous gym exercises and it is famous for building a big chest, but Bench Press is also working Deltoids, Triceps, and Traps. Bench Press is an ultimate exercise for building upper body muscles, there is no better exercise for upper body strength and size. Practice Bench Press form and lift heavy and you will build an awesome torso.

The best way to build muscle with Bench Press is by using a barbell. The reason for that is that you can lift more weight than if you use dumbbells. 

Incline Bench Press - better effect on upper chest

Decline Bench Press - best lower chest exercise

3. Bent-over Barbell Row

One of the best exercises for the thickly muscled back. Like all multi-joints movements, barbell row is also difficult exercise for performing but it still way better for building muscles than alternatives like seated rows and lat pulldowns. You should include this exercise in every back workouts.

Bent-over rows work every muscle from traps to lower lats and are also very good for developing biceps. 

4. Military Press

The most effective exercise to build big and round shoulders. Military Presses are also good for developing upper back, neck, and back of arms. 

5. Lunges

The best exercise for your legs after squats. By performing lunges you can target butt and hamstrings and further develop your lower body by combining them with squats.

6. Lat Pulldowns

Doing Lat Pulldowns will help you to develop your back muscles and biceps. By performing this exercise often you can make your physique have a much more balanced appearance. 

Best Bodyweight Exercises for Muscle Building are Pull Ups/Chin Ups, Dips, and Push Ups (make sure that you put a weighted belt if you can do more than 12 reps with your bodyweight only). 

Recommended rep range for muscle hypertrophy is from 8 to 12 reps for one set. 

To build muscle mass fast I recommend doing these exercises as first in every workout (bench press on chest day, bent-over rows on back day etc.) and combine them with a few isolation exercises. Just make sure that you are mixing your workout, your muscles should not get used to the same workout every time, confuse your muscles to ensure more muscle growth.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Bodybuilding Guide to Build Muscle Mass Fast

gain muscle mass fast

Building muscle mass isn't so easy to achieve and it wouldn't come very fast as you probably think. It is not achievable, not without using steroids. Building lean muscle takes some time and you can't gain 50 pounds of muscle mass in one month, you can only gain body weight like that, and that means mostly body fat. 

First, you have to remember that if you want to build muscle you have to get stronger. To get stronger you have to lift heavier weights in the range of 6 - 10 reps and you will also get bigger. For totally new lifters I advise that they should first start with bodyweight exercises and gain some strength and muscle growth before they start lifting heavy weights. Pull Ups and Dips are very good Muscle Mass Builders, those exercises should always be in your workout routine. 

Also, besides getting stronger, to gain more muscle mass you have to eat more healthy foods every day, you have to consume a lot of proteins, carbs, and fats. For tips on which foods to eat and what amount of calories to eat you can read my other posts:

Check out:

Together with the workout routine and diet plan for muscle growth, supplements can be very helpful for building muscle mass. They are not necessary but will make muscle building easier and faster.

Read more about supplements for muscle building:

Compound exercises which work more muscle groups are best for muscle building. Your muscles won't grow with a workout that is consisted of machine and isolation exercises. You need to boost your testosterone levels and increase muscle growth with hard and heavy loaded workouts. Performing these exercises in the rep range 8 - 12 is the best for muscle hypertrophy.

Read which exercises are the best muscle builders:

Now, all that you need is good Mass-Building Workout Routine and your muscles will start growing and you will see results after the first month of training. When it comes to muscle building workout routines, you can choose between Full-Body and Body Split workouts. I recommend you to try one of the full-body workout programs if you are a beginner:

One of the most famous workout programs in Bodybuilding is Reg Park's 5x5 Workout Routine. Many bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger used this workout to gain more muscle mass and strength. It is very recommended for beginners and it is also a full-body workout program:

Now, you have all information about Gaining Muscle Mass, the last tip for you is to be persistent and don't just waste your precious time in the gym. It is better to train one hour hard than two hours of slacking. Muscles won't come so fast, but if it is that easy to build muscle, everyone would do it and it wouldn't be some great thing. Just keep training hard and eat a lot of healthy foods and muscles will come in some time. 

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