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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Benefits of Whey Protein to Build Lean Muscle Mass

Best Type of Protein

Protein supplement, especially whey protein, has many benefits for all gym goers that want to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. Whey is a milk-based protein which has the highest biological value amongst all proteins. 

When it comes to building lean muscle there is nothing more important than getting the right amount of protein.

Every lifter knows about the importance of high-protein diet and about the role protein plays in muscle building. In order to gain muscle mass, you need to consume more protein than you break down during the workout. That makes whey protein one of the best and fastest sources of protein to include in a post-workout meal.

The reason why whey protein is so popular as the post-workout meal is that it has a higher amino acid content and is the most easily absorbed by the body compared to other protein-rich sources.


1. Great source of high-quality protein 

It is a complete, high-quality protein, containing all of the essential amino acids. Consuming only one dose of whey protein will fuel your muscles with about 30 grams of very digestible high-quality protein.

There are three main types of whey protein powder:

- Concentrate 
- Isolate 
- Hydrolysate

Concentrate is the most common type and also the cheapest. 

2. Whey protein promotes muscle growth

In order to build muscle mass and strength, it is very important to consume a high-protein meal right after the workout. That helps to avoid the breaking down the muscle tissue and promotes muscle growth.

Because of its quality and fast absorption whey protein is probably the best source of protein to consume after a workout and anytime when you think that you didn't consume enough protein for the current day.  Supplementation with whey protein may help you to count your daily protein intake easier and to prepare high-quality protein meal faster.

3. Whey protein is low in calories

This is also one of the benefits for building lean muscle. Whey protein has a great protein to calorie ratio. Although it is very important to consume more calories than you burn when building muscle mass, consuming whey protein will help you build lean muscle and get ripped. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to Gain Muscle Mass - Tips for Beginners and Hardgainers

Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Gaining weight is easy for many people. On the other side, building lean muscle mass can be very hard, especially for people that have a fast metabolism, often referred as hardgainers. 

Like many of the people in the world that are fighting with a body fat, there are also many people that are struggling to gain weight and build muscle mass. If you are one of those from the second group, continue reading this article. I strongly believe it will help you to gain a few pounds of muscle in a couple of weeks. 

There are 3 main ways to make your muscles grow:

1. Force muscles to grow with the right training

2. Feed your muscles with enough healthy calories

3. Rest, recover your muscles, let them grow

Those are only three general rules for muscle gain, now continue reading to learn five principles of muscle growth.

1. Multi-Joint Movements

In order to gain muscle mass faster, you need to place emphasis on the compound, multi-joint movements. Compound exercises are much better for building muscle mass than single-joint, isolation exercises. That is because exercises like squat and bench press allow bigger loads of weight and involve more muscle groups which lead to more muscle gains.

Bigger load and heavier exercises stimulate the bigger release of the muscle-building hormone. 

How to Build Muscle Fast

It is very important to do one of the hardest exercises - Squats. The squat is a great mass builder and it is probably the movement that involves the most muscle groups at the same time. 

Best Exercises to Build Muscle Mass Fast

2. Progressive Overload

The progressive overload is one of the most important muscle-building principles. Lifting the same weight with a same number of reps won't help you build muscles. Muscles can quickly adapt to the weight and you need to put some more load in order to force your muscles to grow. 

Mass-Building Full-Body Workout Routine for Beginners

The key of muscle gain is to leave your comfort zone, give your muscles a reason to grow. If you lift heavier weights from week to week you won't let your muscles time to adapt and you will force them to grow.

By performing compound movements in every workout and consuming enough calories you will become stronger and that will make you able to lift heavier which will lead to more muscle gains.

3. Caloric Surplus 

To gain muscle mass you need to eat a lot. And that means you need to spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. One of the biggest mistakes that lifters make while trying to build muscle mass is that they don't consume enough calories or macronutrients. 

20 Foods You Should Eat to Gain Muscle Mass

You need to consume 18 calories per pound of your bodyweight to build muscle and at least 1 gr of protein per pound of bodyweight. On training days, try to consume more proteins because your muscles need it to repair and grow. 

Foods that are Best Sources of Protein

Consume enough calories and all three macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) and in a combination with resistance training your muscles will start to grow. 

4. Rest Your Muscles

This is how it goes, you give your muscles a reason to grow in the gym, build them in the kitchen and they grow while you sleep. Lack of rest can decrease the chance of muscle growth.

Also, don't overtrain your muscles. Don't train same muscles for two days in a row or you will overtrain them and prevent them from growing. To build muscle you need a short and intense workout and long periods of rest. 

5. Supplements Selection

Many supplements ads promise you results. A lot of them are actually unnecessary and just a waste of your money. The best muscle building supplements that you need to buy are Creatine and Whey Protein. They can be a great support for building muscle mass. 

You can check the list of 5 best muscle-building supplements, but you must know there are no better supplements for building muscle mass than Whey Powder and Creatine. 

Top 5 Muscle-Building Supplements

If you start following these five principles right now, you have a big chance to build your muscles for less than one month. Applying these rules could make the most benefits for beginners because in the starting phase, first two to three months, you can build most muscle mass. 

It is very important to start doing it right from the beginning, so don't lose your time following wrong workout plans and wasting money on unnecessary supplements. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

How Many Calories per Day to Gain Muscle Mass?

How Many Calories to Build Muscle

How many reps I should do to build muscle? How many calories should I consume to gain muscle mass? There are many different answers and different opinions on these questions, but one is sure - you need to consume more calories than you burn every day. You need to constantly be in caloric surplus.


But, that isn't so easy and it doesn't mean that if you eat twice more calories than you need that you will build muscle faster. Also, that doesn't mean that you should eat anything. By the way, check out the list of muscle-building foods you should include in your diet:

There is an upper limit of nutrients that you can consume and turn into muscle which means that there is no point in eating calories that would just be stored as fat. Of course, it is very common that you will gain some fat while trying to build muscle mass but that doesn't mean that you should eat more than it is enough for the muscle to grow. 

Now you are probably thinking something like this:

But those big guys on YouTube say that I need to consume at least 5000 calories to gain muscle mass.

Your muscles need enough calories and enough proteins to grow, you don't need to consume 5000 calories every day if you weigh about 170 pounds. That would be too much and many nutrients will be stored as fat. Protein also, if you consume more proteins that you need that excess of proteins will be stored as fat and nothing else. 


There is no natural way to build 10 pounds of muscle every week, it doesn't exist. You need to focus on steady lean muscle gains. The whole point of muscle growth is to pursue progressive overload every week and to be in caloric surplus every day.


Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Some people say that one needs to multiply his body weight in pounds by 16 - 17, well I recommend you to multiply your body weight by 20. You might gain some fat along the way but if your diet is perfect there is nothing special to worry about. You can always shred one or two pounds of fat after you reach the size that you always desired.

How Many Calories to Gain Muscle

Let's do some calculation for all you lazy people over there:

If you weigh about 160 pounds, for example, you need to multiply that number by 20 as I already mentioned which will be equal to 3200. You can add about 100 calories more if you want to be sure that you consumed enough, but I think that 3200 calories will be enough for your muscles to grow. Now, as you gain more and more muscle mass every week, you are going to need more calories and more proteins. If you reach the 170 pounds weight then multiply that number by 20 and the result is - 3400 calories. 

I know that there are many recommendations that differ from mine and that is mostly because I recommend more calories than some people or less than other but you can adopt this advice and see if it works for you. I believe that it does, especially if you are just starting your bulking phase.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The 10 Rules of Building Muscle Mass

Build Muscle Fast

Are you confused about what workout routine and diet plan to follow to build muscle mass? After reading these 10 golden rules of muscle building you will learn some basic facts about training and diet for muscle growth.


First of all, don't forget this most important rule - eat more calories than you burn every day. That means that you need to be in caloric surplus every single day, especially on training days when your muscles need more protein and healthy calories to grow.


If your goal is to build muscle then you will need to lift heavy and focus on progressive overload which is very important for strength and muscle gain. By lifting heavy and in moderate rep range you will gain strength and muscle simultaneously and that approach is the most effective. 


I recommend you to lift within a 6-12 rep range. In big lifts like squats, bench press, and dead lifts go with 6-8 and those exercises are the most effective for muscle building because they hit more than one muscle group at the same time.


Major lifts like Bench Press, Military Press, Squat, Dead Lift and Bent-Over Row are the most effective muscle-building exercises. You can build muscle mass with only these exercises together with compound bodyweight exercises like Pull Ups and Dips. You may totally avoid isolation exercises like dumbbell curls and triceps extensions and still make gains in your triceps and biceps. But, if you want to add some isolation work in your workout then save it for part of training after you give your best on big lifts that I mentioned.

For example, if you have a back and biceps training day, start your workout with exercises like dead lift, bent-over row or pull up and then go on with exercises like dumbbell rows, hammer curls, etc.


Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are all very important nutrients for building muscle mass. They all have their role in muscle building so neither one should be excluded in your diet plan. You must know that carbs and fats are not your enemies and that you can't build muscle mass without those two nutrients. Research shows that diets that are higher in fat (monosaturated and saturated, stay away from trans fats) have a good effect on male hormone testosterone which has a big role in muscle growth.


You already heard that average person needs 8 hours of sleep daily for optimal health and that rule also applies for lifters that want to build muscle mass. Your sleep time is when your muscles recover and grow. 

Your sleep time is when your growth hormones and testosterone levels are boosted and your insulin sensitivity is also enhanced. If you don't give your body time to heal and grow stronger your training and diet could be worthless.


The reason that progressive overload works so well for muscle growth is that it confuses your muscles. At the time when your muscles are used to a certain number of reps and a particular weight, you need to add more weight and reps to build more muscle mass.

Also, you shouldn't let your body getting used to the same workout routine for too long. Change your exercises choice, reps and sets ranges that you use or even muscle groups that you train every day. Confusing your muscles is very useful in building muscle mass. If you don't believe me, ask Arnie or other bodybuilding legends. 

Hint: Add dropsets and supersets in your workout routine to boost your muscle growth.


By following a full-body routine three or four days per week you are going to hit every muscle group on every training day. That is the best way to enhance your muscle growth for natural lifters. Lifters who are consuming anabolic steroids can build muscle mass with long, high-intensity, split routines but for natural lifters, especially beginners, the best way to build muscle mass fast is to do short, high-frequency, full-body workouts three or four times per week.

You can find many articles about full-body routines on this site:

3 Best Full-Body Workouts to Build Muscle Mass Fast


It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day and especially during the training session. The reason for that is simple, your training performance begins to suffer when your body is dehydrated. Also, water helps to move food through your system so you don't feel bloated.


For building muscle mass there is nothing more important than your diet, but supplements can be very helpful to speed up the process and make calories counting less stressful. Of course, you shouldn't waste your money on unnecessary supplements. I recommend you to buy Whey Protein as one of the best supplements on the market and after buying one you may also buy Creatine Monohydrate which is the best selling supplement these days. 

More about Whey Protein and Creatine you can read in another article:

Best Muscle-Building Supplements to Build Muscle Mass Fast

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Steve Reeves Workout - Remembering The Old-School Bodybuilding Legends

Steve Reeves Workout Routine

Steve Reeves is the icon of Natural Bodybuilding and one of the most famous bodybuilders of 1950s. Renowned for his fabulous physique and many bodybuilding titles, Reeves became famous for acting in Hercules movies in the mid-twentieth century.

In the world without anabolic steroids, isolation machines and internet it was only a hard work in order to build a muscular and well-proportioned physique. Steve Reeves is the finest example of what people can achieve in building their body without the use of anabolic steroids.

Steve Reeves Workout Routine

Back in the day, guys like Steve Reeves, John Grimek, and Reg Park didn't have online articles and forums to learn some modern bodybuilding techniques as the case is today, but still, they are renowned for having some of the greatest and most athletic physiques.

Old-school bodybuilders knew that the key to building muscular physique is the full-body workout routines. 

Check out more tips from Natural Bodybuilding Legends:

How Did 100% Natural Bodybuilders Train

To build strength and muscle mass naturally, the answer lies simply in full-body routines, hard work, and consistency. The consistency should not be deserved only for training, the nutrition should also be checked and not to forget muscle recovery and rest.

Rather than devoting one session to triceps or biceps, chest or back, legs or shoulders, full-body workouts will have you hitting all muscle groups every training session which is the best way to naturally build a well-proportioned muscular body. 

Here are three old-school bodybuilding full-body routines for muscle growth:

3 Best Full-Body Workouts to Build Muscle Mass Fast

Check out what Steve Reeves personally said about modern bodybuilders and their training in one interview:

"Today, everything about the top bodybuilding champions is oversized; they have lost the whole purpose of bodybuilding which is to create a harmonius whole, not to exaggarate the development of one part or parts of the body."

Below you'll find one of Steve Reeves' favorite full-body workouts which he called "Classic Physique" routine written by Reeves personally for bodybuilding magazine back in 1951.




Incline Dumbbell Press
Front Squat
Dumbbell Fly
Seated Barbell Curl
Alternate Dumbbell Front Raise
Bent Over Row
One Arm Row
Alternative Raise Lying
Good Mornings
Dumbbell French Press
Calf Raises
Bench Press

Training Notes:

This is absolutely a monstrous routine and because of that, I wouldn't recommend it for novice lifters, only for intermediate to advanced lifters.

Like most full-body routines should be performed three times a week and on non-consecutive days to fully rest and recover from such hard routine like this one.

To maximize recovery the best way to perform this routine is to train on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday leaving other four days for muscles to feed and rest to be ready for next hardcore training week.
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