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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to Gain Muscle Mass - Tips for Beginners and Hardgainers

Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Gaining weight is easy for many people. On the other side, building lean muscle mass can be very hard, especially for people that have a fast metabolism, often referred as hardgainers. 

Like many of the people in the world that are fighting with a body fat, there are also many people that are struggling to gain weight and build muscle mass. If you are one of those from the second group, continue reading this article. I strongly believe it will help you to gain a few pounds of muscle in a couple of weeks. 

There are 3 main ways to make your muscles grow:

1. Force muscles to grow with the right training

2. Feed your muscles with enough healthy calories

3. Rest, recover your muscles, let them grow

Those are only three general rules for muscle gain, now continue reading to learn five principles of muscle growth.

1. Multi-Joint Movements

In order to gain muscle mass faster, you need to place emphasis on the compound, multi-joint movements. Compound exercises are much better for building muscle mass than single-joint, isolation exercises. That is because exercises like squat and bench press allow bigger loads of weight and involve more muscle groups which lead to more muscle gains.

Bigger load and heavier exercises stimulate the bigger release of the muscle-building hormone. 

How to Build Muscle Fast

It is very important to do one of the hardest exercises - Squats. The squat is a great mass builder and it is probably the movement that involves the most muscle groups at the same time. 

Best Exercises to Build Muscle Mass Fast

2. Progressive Overload

The progressive overload is one of the most important muscle-building principles. Lifting the same weight with a same number of reps won't help you build muscles. Muscles can quickly adapt to the weight and you need to put some more load in order to force your muscles to grow. 

Mass-Building Full-Body Workout Routine for Beginners

The key of muscle gain is to leave your comfort zone, give your muscles a reason to grow. If you lift heavier weights from week to week you won't let your muscles time to adapt and you will force them to grow.

By performing compound movements in every workout and consuming enough calories you will become stronger and that will make you able to lift heavier which will lead to more muscle gains.

3. Caloric Surplus 

To gain muscle mass you need to eat a lot. And that means you need to spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. One of the biggest mistakes that lifters make while trying to build muscle mass is that they don't consume enough calories or macronutrients. 

20 Foods You Should Eat to Gain Muscle Mass

You need to consume 18 calories per pound of your bodyweight to build muscle and at least 1 gr of protein per pound of bodyweight. On training days, try to consume more proteins because your muscles need it to repair and grow. 

Foods that are Best Sources of Protein

Consume enough calories and all three macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) and in a combination with resistance training your muscles will start to grow. 

4. Rest Your Muscles

This is how it goes, you give your muscles a reason to grow in the gym, build them in the kitchen and they grow while you sleep. Lack of rest can decrease the chance of muscle growth.

Also, don't overtrain your muscles. Don't train same muscles for two days in a row or you will overtrain them and prevent them from growing. To build muscle you need a short and intense workout and long periods of rest. 

5. Supplements Selection

Many supplements ads promise you results. A lot of them are actually unnecessary and just a waste of your money. The best muscle building supplements that you need to buy are Creatine and Whey Protein. They can be a great support for building muscle mass. 

You can check the list of 5 best muscle-building supplements, but you must know there are no better supplements for building muscle mass than Whey Powder and Creatine. 

Top 5 Muscle-Building Supplements

If you start following these five principles right now, you have a big chance to build your muscles for less than one month. Applying these rules could make the most benefits for beginners because in the starting phase, first two to three months, you can build most muscle mass. 

It is very important to start doing it right from the beginning, so don't lose your time following wrong workout plans and wasting money on unnecessary supplements. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tips to Gain Muscle Mass



how to gain muscle mass

Train and Eat to Gain Lean Muscle Mass 

That means not to eat too many sugars and junk foods to get weight quickly. That is very easy. Start eating a lot of pizza and ice cream every day and for one month you would be fatty and with big tummy and love handles. You don't want this, believe me. Better stay skinny. Abs are very important for every guy that wants to look handsome and strong. That is why I don't respect new bodybuilders that won all those competitions like Mr. Olympia. Most of the year they look so fatty and just big, not unaesthetic and unattractive.

Check out this diet and workout programs for muscle mass:

 Eat a Lot of Healthy Food

You will need macro nutrients and to gain muscle mass you will need more food than you ate before, but as I wrote eat only healthy foods with only some cheat meals from time to time. Consume a lot of protein from foods and supplements like Whey Protein and also a lot of Carbs and Healthy Fats. Don't avoid fats, you need them believe me. Only 100 grams of good fats will fuel you with 900 calories and that would be enough for you for one day, rest of calories eat food with Protein and Carbs. I will write more about how to split those calories in your meals in my other posts but remember this tip.

Check out diet tips for lean muscle mass: 

Train Hard - Don't Waste Your Precious Time in Gym

Don't just waste your time by talking to others in the gym and resting a lot. You must rest after sets and workouts but don't let yourself rest more than one or two minutes, one between sets and two between workouts. That is enough to keep your muscle pumping whole the time while you train, don't let your body get cold, WARM UP and GO HARD.

Rest and Sleep Well

After hard training, you will need to rest your muscles. Keep in mind that your muscles grow while they are resting after hard workouts and post-workout meals. You get yourself pumped in the gym, well fed in the kitchen and RESTED IN YOUR BED. Those three rules you must follow to achieve great muscle gains believe me.

Lift Heavy and Use Compound Moves

Well, those tips that I mentioned are the most important but I must also say that this is a very important rule. Don't waste your time isolating your biceps with some light weight, you will see some results in size of your muscle but nothing can compare to Compound Workouts. I will just mention them here and put a video that explains why you need compound moves to get stronger and also gain more muscle mass:

- Bench Press
- Squats
- Pull Ups/Chin Ups
- Dips
- Dead Lifts
- Rows (Bent-Over, T-Bar Rows)

Check out the list of best exercises to build muscle:

5 Best Muscle-Building Exercises

That is it. Follow these main rules for mass and work hard to get what you want.