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Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to Boost Testosterone Levels to Maximize Muscle Growth

raise your testosterone levels

Testosterone is a male hormone which is very important factor in building muscle mass. Also, it is very important to have normal levels of testosterone for energy, libido, and athletic performance. When it comes to muscle building, boosting testosterone levels has a big effect on muscle growth and also is enhancing fat burning. So, besides muscle mass gains, testosterone is also important for reducing levels of body fat. The problem is, testosterone levels are declining from the early 30s for most men. But, natural testosterone level is highest at the early 20s and at that age you can build muscles faster and easier.  

Luckily, there are ways to raise testosterone levels naturally and to achieve that you have to focus on training routine and diet plan that stimulate testosterone boost. I don't advise consuming steroids, it is better to naturally raise testosterone levels with proper diet and workout routine for a long-lasting increase. Steroids are having very bad side effects and you don't need that, it is chemical; not natural boost.

How to raise Testosterone Levels in your body?

1. Training

Squats are known as the best exercise to boost testosterone levels, also there are deadlifts, bench presses, military presses, pull ups, dips, and bent-over rows. Lifters that rather use compound exercises in their workouts have a bigger chance of testosterone boosting that lifters that focus on isolation exercises. Training more muscle groups at the same time and lifting have with short rest period is the best method for testosterone boosting with training.

compound exercises

Also, Full-Body Workout Programs are very good to follow for the testosterone boost.

2. Diet Plan

You need to know that low-calorie diets can lower testosterone levels, so is cigarette smoking and avoiding fat. Yes, fats are a very important nutrient for testosterone. There are fats (such as Omega-3s) that we should consume every day, read it here: Diet Tips for Lean Muscle Mass. Your diet should be rich in garlic, organic meats, fish, and leafy vegetables. Vitamins that are good testosterone boosters are Magnesium, Vitamin K2, and Zinc.

You know that you need protein for muscle growth, but you maybe don't know that consuming protein also helps boost testosterone levels. You can check out the list of Foods that are Best Source of Protein. I recommend red meat as good testosterone booster.

red meat boost testosterone levels

3. Supplements

Tribulus terrestris is well-studied testosterone booster and it is most famous among all testosterone boost supplements. Whey Powder and Creatine are also supplements that are proven that boost testosterone levels. 

4. Other factors

I probably don't need to mention one of the main factor for testosterone boost, sex. It is well-known fact that sex help producing higher testosterone levels.

Stress is a big enemy of testosterone. Try to reduce stress and have enough rest every day. Also, try meditation, especially after a hard workout.